“I’ve been trying to lose weight and be healthier for a very long time. During that process, for so many times, I started going to the gym and always stopped after a while. It was very hard to keep training for more than 2 or 3 months without giving up. Little to no results followed me even when I thought I was working hard. During that time I forced myself to do at least one hour of cardio (mostly treadmill and elliptical) + 1h of muscle work using the gym machines. I couldn’t improve, hardly noticed any improvement in my physical condition and didn’t know how to push myself harder and progress.

Everything changed when I met Nicole! On the first class, I could clearly see the difference. I’ve trained with a couple of personal trainers before and never saw a difference from what I was trying to do by myself. Nicole immediately showed me I could do much more with less. Instead of the torture feeling I had  by spending 2 hours, sometimes 3 hours at the gym, I could do much more in 1 hour with Nicole. I learned how to feel my body, how to recover faster and how to progress. I know that the hour I spend with her will be worth way more than the several hours I had spent before. Now, when I travel and have to train by myself I know what to do to keep the pace. What amazes me more is her creativity, she can take anything and make your whole body work. I couldn’t do 10% of that using all the gym equipment. You really feel all your body working and she has a huge capacity on mixing cardio-vascular with strength training so you can really start developing your muscles. Now when I go skiing I feel the difference and instead of feeling exhausted I’m able to ski several days in a row without topping all the time in the middle of the mountain. My body is completely different from when I started and I know I can continue to improve just by doing the right things, but there is no comfort zone since each training with Nicole is a surprise. She always finds different ways and something you kind of thought was getting easier suddenly gets really hard again since she will never let you be “comfortable”. 

Randie Baptista

“Since I started training with Nicole I became a stronger,  happier and a person full of energy. Nicole is very knowledgeable,  motivated and eager. She makes working out fun and changes the routines constantly.  It is never a boredom. Nicole can motivate people to believe in themselves that they can improve their body by doing proper exercises. My body has changed in 6 weeks tremendously. I love it!  I get a lot of compliments. Today was the best one, someone asked me to take a picture of my arms.”

Halina Kotova

“The best thing I ever did was hire Nicole as a trainer. Her work ethic and example as a person is amazing. She has helped me understand what fat really is. She has a great ability to help me see very clearly the impact of how I eat and the amount of exercise it takes to burn the weight. She helped me with my back and knee pain. I have much better posture, energy and strength.Every one I know has noticed my energy level is different and that I lost weight. Wow!”

Bill Rolling

“Nicole is absolutely the best trainer I have ever worked with. She is always prepared for our sessions with new and creative exercises that work multiple body parts at the same time. I burn more calories with Nicole’s workouts than I ever did on my own. I am stronger, more toned and love the results I am getting.”

Brandi Shapiro